Phenomnial Start to Season has Bucco fans Excited?!

April 8, 2010

After last nights 4-3 10th inning walkoff victory against the Los Angeles Dodgers the Pittsburgh Pirates stand in 1st place in the NL Central at 2-0. Its their first 2-0  start since 2007 and this start seems to have many fans excited as they followed up the opening day sellout by having over 31,000 fans on a wednesday night.  For many true pittsburgh fans this is a rare and quite a welcoming sight.

With Garrett Jones off to a hot start with 3 home runs and Andrew Mccutchen having a great start aswell with 3 hits and a stolen base, many fans have seem to have some optimism.

Reality will set in eventually it always does in  Pirate land.  I hate to be a downer but the reality is we just dont have enough veteran talent yet!  Time will tell tho and with what we have seen from the young talent all spring and these 2 games we should be OPTIMISTIC!!!


Rough Spring So Far…Pretty Much the Pirates are Going to Suck Again!

March 25, 2010

Yesterday the Pirates played the Boston Red Sox in Spring Game and Lost the game 6-4. Thus dropping them to 5-13 which is second worst in all of baseball only to the Nationals. Now u may be saying its only a spring training game and our best player (Andrew McCutchen) didn’t even play. But the fact of the matter was we face one of baseball’s best pitchers for 5 innings and half of the starters participated only to allow Josh Beckett to strike out 9 batters give up one run on only 3 hits. Is this the type of performance we are going to see on a regular  basis again this season?? I think so! …Still its only Spring training but none the less it looks like we are in for another frustrating season with poor pitching and abysmal hitting and shitty ownership who refuses to do anything but sit on their asses and collect revenues from the Yanks,Cubs, Red Sox, Dodgers, and Angels. ….If only the owners and commissioner Bud Selig would add a salary floor and cap, might we one day see a presentable and competitive team on the grass at PNC Park.  Until then the spring will be reserved for the Penguins playoff marches, Pitt Panthers ncaa tourney runs, and Steelers draft talk, while everyday after the all-star break is spent counting down the days till the Steelers go to camp to start the season..and to think the city of Pittsburgh once had Honus Wagner at the hot corner, then “Pops” Willie Stargell at 1st, and Roberto Clemente patrolling right field…..I hope your happy Bob Nutting!!!

Pittsburgh Pirates 2010 Outlook

March 18, 2010

Will 2010 be the year that the Pittsburgh Pirates end their current losing season streak at 17? …Might be …but highly doubtful, year in and year out pittsburghers are extremely optimistic come April about the Buccos chances of getting to that .500 record of 81-81. Even tho this team has a bright future with last years rookie phenom Andrew McCutchen, a suprising season from Garrett Jones, a decent outing from a maturing Lastings Milledge, and hopefully the arrival of former #1 picks Pedro Alverez and Brad Lincoln, theres to many whats if’s for the Pirates to even win 75 games.  Can McCutchen avoid a sophomore slump? Can Maholm and Duke ever deliver? Can Doumit stay healthy? are these young guys going to live up to their hype? And can a team with a projected payroll of under $30 million even compete on a day-to-day basis in this era of $150 million championship payrolls??……….2010 is a very big year in the Huntington era is this the year we finally see some moments that will lead to a bright future or is this another failure that us pirate fans have seen all to often since 1992??!!